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5 Elegant Fashion Tips for Nigerian Women

Nigerian women are especially regarded for their natural beauty and their great fashion sense. Well, maybe not quite as stylish as they’d have loved. The world practically is full of women not convinced about their elegance or sense of dress. That brings us to an interesting topic for discussion. The topic is, how can Nigerian women dress elegantly and fashionably?

The saying that you’re addressed the way you dress throws more light to the fact that looking good isn’t just a way to attract attention but the right kind of attraction. I’d imagine a classy lady would want her class to speak out through her dressing, likewise her desire to attract the right kind of male admirers. So I offer these common sense tips on ways to shine and still not spend a fortune – yes you my dear Nigerian woman. It is to this regard, we came up with the topic: 5 Elegant Fashion Tips for Nigerian Women.

5 effective fashion tips for the elegant Nigerian Woman

Define your style your own way

The first step to being the elegant woman many Nigerian men would desire is to project yourself wholly – your likes, personality, intelligence – through your dressing. A person with a sharp mind can easily read personality and attitude in a person’s dressing, and unless your intelligence is below par it should be uniquely projected as yours and yours only. Only you can define what your own style is, so find it and show itself in your dressing.

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Give your dressing a smart mix of western and local fashion

The most elegant Nigerian women rock designer wears but interesting they’re mostly our local home bred designers. Nigerian designers have an interesting perspective about fusing western and African local designs to come up with clothing stand command attention. Why do Omotola or Tiwa Savage enjoy great following? They’re talents and good looks aside when they dress you can’t find a fault to pick on and what’s more they rock a great mix of western and local fashion.

Pick variety over trend

Using same examples above, do these elegant Nigerian women follow the crowd when they dress? Absolutely not. What’s in vogue may be cute to rock but variety beats trend any day otherwise celebrities won’t pay heavily to enjoy designer wears.

Tip: Rock a unique and beautiful clothing. It mustn’t be a popular brand.

Be sparingly spontaneous with new outfits

If you have a new outfit you want to try on, let it be as meticulous as possible before taking it out. Most fashion crimes committed by celebrities on the red carpet comes from spontaneous new outfits that haven’t quite proved fashion

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Tip: Know the flaws of your intended new outfit before wearing it out for the first time

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Understand colours and Nigerian occasions

Are colours and occasions very demanding when it comes to dressing really well? Absolutely, colours tell stories about prevailing moods and situations whereas occasions demand a certain theme. Weddings need white, grey, blue or black outfits to match – for attendees – whereas romantic dates go well with red just as funerals demand black, if the occasion is casual a colour that perfectly fits in such as say green, white or blue would in addition to a unique and beautiful design make a powerful fashion statement.

Tip: the design, colour and occasion must match

Draw from other elegant Nigerian women

Being a copycat isn’t bad if you can be unique, smooth and just as elegant as the one you’re copying. This isn’t about not being original but picking something really cool in the way another lady dresses and applying it to your fashion sense. It’s like understudying a role model not so you’ll become a carbon copy but to learn as much as you can to the best of your knowledge.

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Tip: Copy great styles from more elegant women you come across

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