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Cost of Liposuction in Nigeria

Nigeria with a population of about 176 million people, plenty of which occupy the major cities due to opportunities, technology and job availability, is an economically growing economy, thus, must be explored in the medical sector. Nigeria has about 200 plastic surgeons with most of them working for Teaching Hospitals in the country.

Cost of Liposuction in Nigeria

Cost of Liposuction in Nigeria

Plastic Surgery procedures has been on the high demand recently, one of such is Liposuction, Tummy tucking, Botox, Derma fillers, Skincare issues etc. But due to misunderstanding and lack of trust for the medical system, most people would prefer to go abroad for surgery.

In this regard, more money is lost in the medical tourism aspect, estimated to be in millions if not billions. There has been lots of complains recently due to the idea of importing Plastic Surgeon from Abroad to help during procedures. The issues with most of this foreign surgeons is that they do not get their medical practice clearance from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, Some do not have good standing with their country medical board and therefore look for cheap medical practice opportunities. Another big challenge we have is that of those who travel abroad for the surgery procedures with no proper follow up. In case of complications as a result of this procedures, there will be no one to manage them which will worsen the situation and get the patience aggrieved. Meanwhile, we have good surgeons in Nigeria who can oversee the procedures and follow it up properly in case of complications.

Now let’s take a look at LIPOSUCTION and how much it will cost to get a good LIPOSUCTION surgery in Nigeria:

Liposuction, sometimes called “lipo” by patients, is a procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas to give an improved shape. It is a procedure that we can either transfer the unwanted fats to the butt or breast or can even discard it if we want to. It reduces and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing fat deposits and improving your body contours and proportion. Liposucturing is a minimally invasive surgery done to shape the body with minimal risk procedure which is safe and use in improved reshaping of the body. It doesn’t require spending days on bed after the surgery, one can easily return to hisor her daily activities after the procedure depending on how comfortable one feel, the procedure itself does not take a whole day, but a few hours or less, then you are goo to go.

In Nigeria, Smartlipo Liposuction is a technique used for facial and body contouring using less energy to literally dissolve or melt away all unwanted fats in any part of the body. One of the areas considered in doing this are: love handles, the tummy area, thighs (saddle bags) and arms. It is highly recommended for cutting off of localized unwanted fat that has not responded to good diet and exercise.

Being sometimes referred to as body sculpturing, liposuction using SmartLipo is one of the best liposuction techniques available in the world for body sculpting in both men and women.

Needless to travel abroad for reduction of fat, In Nigeria, we have surgeons who can take care of tissue coagulation resulting in tissue tightening in lesser time, less swellings and bruising, customized body contouring with personal touch and return to work fast.

How LIPOSUCTION is Performed:

LIPOSUCTION is an outpatient surgery performed in the office or ambulatory surgery center. In this procedure, laser fiber is brought in through a cannula, the cannula is then inserted in the fat pockets through micro incisions about 1 to 2 mm in the skin.

The laser fiber is then moved in a “back and forth” motion. The laser’s aiming beam can be viewed through the skin, allowing us to identify the treatment area. The laser disturbs the fat cells by heating and shattering the fat cell membrane. The dissolved fat is then slowly taken off using micro or small cannula. The laser also coagulates the blood vessels, resulting in less bleeding, bruising, trauma as well as less down time. The laser energy produces heat and tissue coagulation which promotes tissue tightening. Most people often experience tightened skin after the procedure. The surgery is very safe with little or no side effects.

This procedure works with the use of power assisted liposuction machine coupled with tumescent technique in liposuction and fat transfer. This technique uses cannula that has a spinning end to break the fat while the fat is being suctioned.

The Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Cost of Liposuction in Nigeria

Cost of Liposuction in Nigeria

In Nigeria, when the idea of plastic surgery comes into your mind, like Liposuction, the following should be put into consideration: The Surgeons experience, results, safety, and your comfort with him. These are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.

The cost of Liposuction surgery in Nigeria is not fixed though. It costs about N1,180,900 to N2,000,000 depending on the hospital or surgeon you come in contact with. Although the cost is discussed with the patience after consultations with the Doctor in charge and all fees are paid for before the operation proper.

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