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Date for Mother’s Day in Nigeria

Mother’s day has been one of the most important and eventful dates to celebrate in Nigeria. In this article, you will know the exact date for mother’s day in Nigeria as the date sometimes confuses many Nigerians.

Date for Mother's Day in Nigeria

Date for Mother’s Day in Nigeria

Mother’s Day in Nigeria

Mother’s Day in Nigeria sometimes differ from year to year. This is simply because of Date differences in Easter as it is different from year to year as well and it’s determined by the lunar calendar. So the historical origination that causes the celebration of this Mother’s Day has completely nothing to do mothers. The celebration of Mother’s Day came to us directly from Christian religion in England. That is why Nigerians choose same date with Great Britain. Just like Nigerians chose March 11th 2018 to celebrate Mother’s Day, 2019 could have a different date for Mother’s Day. But most common date known to people is second Sunday of May.

As earlier mentioned, Mother’s Day is a religious event that is set to mark on the fourth Sunday of the Lent period. It’s a set aside Date to pay a visit to the Mother’s church, where Christians would return to their hometowns to merry and pray. In that Day, young girls would pick flowers to give to their mothers on their way back as a symbol of love.

The United States of America also set aside a Date to celebrate this eventful Day, Mother’s Day.

Best Gifts to Buy on Mother’s Day

Date for Mother's Day in Nigeria

Date for Mother’s Day in Nigeria

The most valuable gift in the world for all the mothers is Love. So, if you’re still thinking on what to buy for your mother on Mother’s Day, give her all the Love. No material gift can amount to that.

However, we are not in anyway advising you not to buy material gift for your mum. After all, you need money to show love.  People usually turn to a lot of flowers when it comes to the idea of giving something to their mothers. It can be a perfect choice for any woman.

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