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Dominant MBA Schools In Nigeria

Masters in Business Administration also known as MBA is a postgraduate programme in business administration for students with business major in their first degree. MBA is a sought after degree in the world and Nigeria in particular. MBA program has been identified as a major path for managerial and executive positions in different establishment.  Even during recession and global melt down the demand for MBA holders in businesses was not much affect as every business strives to grow their business and stay competitive in business.

There are many reasons why you should consider going in for MBA degree if you are planning to advance your career prospect within this field. Many companies this day will not offer you a job if you only have first degree in Business Administration. With MBA, there is an element of job security that comes with MBA degree. Masters in Business administration also imply in many situations more money as in salary.

There are few universities in Nigeria that offer Masters Degree in Business Administration but knowing the best school for your MBA program in Nigeria will add more value to your degree in terms of international exposure and employability

If you really want to read about MBA program in Nigerian universities, courses on offer in the program, tuition fee for MBA program in Nigeria and many more I will suggest you read this important post here.

One other important issue to keep in mind is that despite how general MBA program can be there are also many areas of specialization within a MBA program. Finding the best MBA specialization that suits you need and interest is the best way to start your plan for a postgraduate degree in Business Administration.

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Now I will give brief information about the entire top MBA Schools in Nigeria and the criteria for listing all of these schools is based on university reputation, quality of education, research, tutors on the program.

Because you feel that your university is very strong in academic wise when it comes to MBA does not mean it will be list on top MBA Schools in Nigeria.

The list of top MBA schools in Nigeria is shown below. There is no ranking of any order in this list.

Lagos Business School (LBS)

Lagos Business School (LBS) began in 1991 as a small institution called the Centre for Professional Communications (CPC), offering management courses relevant to the Nigerian business environment. LBS started with John Elegido, Patrick Merino and Tim Keenley as founding members of staff. It was previously owned by the African Development Foundation (ADF), a Nigerian not-for-profit educational foundation, but is now owned by the Pan-African University Foundation.

Over this year LBS has proven their worth in the quality of education they offer in their MBA program. LBS have a reputation for excellence in Business and you can see more of their MBA graduates in top institution and industries in Nigeria.

LBS have two form of MBA program. Postgraduate program in Business administration and execute MBA program.

University of Lagos Postgraduate Studies

University of Lagos is one of the renowned universities in Nigeria and their postgraduate study in Business Administration is a world top class program. The university has an advance teaching methodology and quality research in business field. The MBA program is an innovative business program and they also run an executive MBA program for career managerial and executive career officer. If you are planning to enroll in an MBA program, you should consider university of Lagos as one of your best bet for a postgraduate program in MBA.

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University of Nigeria Nsukka

You might be wondering why you should choose university of Nigeria, Nsukka for your MBA program. There are many reasons why UNN stands tall among different universities that offer postgraduate degree in Business Administration. UNN is a renowned university with reputation in quality of education and research. UNN Masters program in business offers a cutting edge innovative and advance skills to future managers and executive. They boost of high rate of employment in the MBA program and the program brings in seasoned professional and industrial key players to offer students the best skills they need in our ever changing and competitive business environment. Think about MBA think UNN.

Amadu Bello University, Zaria

ABU Zaria without mention is listed as one of the best schools in Nigeria that offer innovative program in MBA. The age of the university has in the same vain reflected the quality of education they offer in their MBA program. Beside quality, most of their graduates have found their ways in top managerial and executive positions around the world. There is nothing as good as seeing what will become of you once you take this bold step to enroll in ABU’s MBA program.

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Obafemi Awolowo University

Taking the step for your MBA program with OAU will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your educational and career path in life. OAU offers the best in the MBA program and the department has what it takes to turn you into an excellent manager after the program. You can find more information about OAU postgraduate program by visiting the department website.

These are the list of the best of the best in Nigeria for postgraduate program in Business Administration. None of the private universities in Nigeria made this list but I still believe there are other universities that are constantly pushing and improving their MBA program and it is worth mentioning.

I will like you to share your thought about this topic and I know quite well that some people might have a different view about their own list but whatever is the case it will be nice to hear you own side of the story.

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