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How to Convert Your PC into a TV: Step by Step

In case you’re money strapped, the exact opposite thing that you need to do is pay both a monthly cable and high speed Internet bill. Presently you don’t need to pick between your connection to the World Wide Web and your most loved TV series. With a couple of gadgets, you can transform an old PC into another TV. It will spare you cash and decrease unnecessary electronic waste. Read the step by step procedures below and find out about How to Convert Your PC into a TV: Step by Step.


  • Old computer with at least 10 GB of free hard-drive space and a fairly fast processor
  • TV tuner or USB-based tuner box.

How to Convert Your PC into a TV: Step by Step

  1. Install the TV signal: Physically install your hardware to give your computer screen a TV signal. This can be done with a number of devices. Which one you choose will depend on how much you want to spend and the quality of your PC. Choose between a TV tuner card (with or without a graphics card, depending on your computer’s capabilities) and an external TV tuner box. The TV tuner card needs to be installed by a professional, but it provides you with a clear connection to TV channels. The external TV tuner box can easily be installed by connecting to your computer’s USB port, but the connection is slower, giving you a lower resolution image.
  2. Install the TV tuner software: Install the software that comes with your tuner onto your PC. The software will allow you to control the channels and volume through a remote control. It can even enable you to record live TV shows onto your computer’s hard drive. Insert the disc provided with your hardware and follow the instructions to properly install the software [source: Desmond].
  3. Channel Surf: You’re now ready to surf TV channels on your computer screen. You’ll now have legal access to TV shows that are not able to be streamed on the Internet [source: Edelsburg].
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