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List of Countries with the Largest Film Industries In The World

Data of the List of Countries with the Largest Film Industries In The World is provided by Theatrical Market Statistics. Have you ever wondered which country produces the largest film industries in the world? We’ve got answer for you.

List of Countries with the Largest Film Industries In The World

List of Countries with the Largest Film Industries In The World

One of the largest sources of entertainment in our society today is the film industry. It covers music videos, movies, cinemas etc. The industry has recorded thousands of films yearly and generates billions of dollars as revenue. The oldest and largest of it all is Hollywood which is known as the most profitable film industry in the world today. Most of the thrilling and breathtaking/captivating films you watch today are the product of Hollywood. Let’s look into the List of Countries with the Largest Film Industries In The World.

Largest Movie Industries in the World

The United States and Canada

Canada and the United States play a major role in the Hollywood. They are actually on the number one position of our List of Countries with the Largest Film Industries In The World. As at 2016, the film industries in the United States and Canada was ranked the most profitable industry in the world. This is so because United States and Canada alone generated about $11.4 billion. In America and Canada, it has been recorded that two thirds of their population attended a cinema at least once in 2016. Also, 48% of tickets sold is due to the frequent attendant of people to the cinema and has also prompted the increment in profit. Hollywood has accounted for $10 Billion of the generated income in the industry. Major players in the US and Canadian film industry include Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and AMC.

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Next on the list is China. China is the second largest country with the highest number of movie industries in the world after the United States and Canada.

As at 2016, China generated $6.6 Billion. China has experienced a serious hike in annual average growth of a whopping 35% but experienced a meagre 3.7% in 2016 compared to 48% it experienced in 2015. China is produced a total number of 1,612 cinemas between 2016 and 2017. China has birth the world’s most notable studio known as Hengdian.

United Kingdom

UK is third on the list. In 2016, UK’s Film industry made $6.5 Billion which is a bit lower than that of China. UK’s government has supported the industry to a massive boost that also includes reduction of taxes on film production through tax reliefs. Pinewood Studios, being one of the most notable film industries in the United Kingdom spent an estimated $2.04 billion in 2016 to produce films.

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Next on the list is Japan. Japan has produced so many notable film studios, that’s why they were able to generate a whooping $2 Billion in 2016. As at 2016, Japan was Asia’s largest film producer. So many factors hindered Japan from ranking China. Some of the factors include slow economic growth and high cost of film production.

Japan produced 3,472 film screens which is slightly lower than China which is 40,000. The industry produced 610 films and 180.2 million admissions. Films imported to the industry accounted for 36.9% while locally made films accounted for 63.1%. The Cinema of Japan began production in 1987 and it’s rated as one of the oldest industries in the world.


India is the fifth’ country with the largest film industry in the world. India produces a lot of movies. India also made $1.9 Billion in 2016. Most movies produced in India are mostly in Hindi and for the purpose of exportation, few are produced in English. Movies industry in India are called Bollywood and they have the highest number of Indian movies. India still has few number of film studios despite Indian large population and quantitative number of films produced in the country.  Film theaters are also sub-par compared to other countries. Unlike the US and Canada where films are created in one language, films in India are created in about 20 languages limiting the film to a certain group of people.

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Global Box Office

Global Box Office as at 2016 generated $38.6 billion. This figure is just 1% increment compared to the resulted figure of last year. The United States and Canada made the highest revenue of $11.4 billion.

The global box office industry was adversely affected by the drop in the Chinese industry that plunged from a 48% growth to a growth of 3.8%. The global number of cinema screens grew by 8% or 164,000 screens.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great 10 lists of countries largest film industry in the world. First of all I want to tell you that I didn’t know about this great list. But happy that my country is the top 1 and most profit making film industry in the world. I love to watch movies with my friends and family. What I love more the family related movies. There should be a good script. Thank you so much for sharing this and letting us know about it.

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