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List of Professional University Courses in Nigeria

The fantasy of each Nigerian parent is for their wards to study professional courses at the university, hence the List of Professional University Courses in Nigeria.

Since it is for the belief of most people that alumni of these courses have a higher possibility of gaining employment when compared with those that concentrated on different courses.

Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is whether you study a professional course or not, you can in any case make your life a successful. An illustration is the previous leader of Nigeria who studied Zoology however wound up leading the nation for quite a while.

By and large, professional courses will be courses which give a direct course to gaining professional certificates. These courses are typically associated with professional bodies that administer the preparation and routine with regards to these experts. These include: accounting, law, medicine, pharmacy, engineering and so forth.

For example, the preparation of an accountant in the college prepares the accounting graduate for the ICAN certification exams which prompts path of being certified a chartered accountant. Nonetheless, you don’t really need to study accounting to become a chartered accountant however the course to becoming chartered isn’t quite straightforward when compared with those that studied accounting

Generally speaking, professional courses give training tailored to prepare graduates to end up noticeably an ideal choice for the available employments in reality.

In this article, some of these professional courses that you can study in Nigeria will be highlighted.

List of Professional University Courses in Nigeria

  • Banking and Finance

In spite of the fact that banks tend to enroll graduates from every kind of discipline, banking and finance graduates certainly have an edge when applying to banking jobs

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As a graduate with the aim of charting a profession in the banking industry, you can make it a stride advance by enlisting in the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria. Gaining this certification can help your chances of climbing up the ladder really rapidly in the industry.

  • Accounting

Studying accounting in the university is a standout amongst other ways to gaining the status of a chartered accountant.

Accounting is a 4 year course in any Nigerian college. Furthermore, as expressed earlier, the course is an extraordinary method to set you up to turning into a chartered accountant.

With an ICAN certificate, your development as an accountant can be extremely snappy with numerous open doors for you in the job market.

You can enroll for the ICAN exam as an undergraduate and in case you’re ready to pass each phase of the exam at your first attempt, you’ll unquestionably be chartered when you graduate from the university.

  • Estate management

Though many people function as estate surveyors and valuers without the essential degree or certificate, earning a professional degree in estate management can give you a one of a kind edge over these different practitioners.

Furthermore, after completing your degree in estate management, you can enlist with the Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers to become a member of the Institute.

A mix of your degree in estate management and membership with the NIESV can enhance your system and boost your job opportunities.

  • Medicine

In case you’re to ask a science student in any from the Nigerian secondary schools what he/she plans to learn at the University, it is likely that the reaction will be, “I need to be a medical doctor.”

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Medicine as a course in Nigeria is the height of professionalism in numerous Nigerian homes. Customarily, guardians are to a great degree glad to have one of their children as a medical doctor.

Studying medicine includes six years at the college. However, that is not all. Before you’re confirmed to certified to practise medicine by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, you have to go through one year of housemanship after which you’re affirmed as a medical doctor.

Thereafter you can ponder in any field of your decision. Some of the specialties in medicine include: Dermatology Emergency medicine, General medicine, Geriatric medicine, Gynecology, Medical research and education, Oncology, Neurology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Pathology, Public health, and Radiology.

  • Pharmacy

Aside from medicine, engineering is another mainstream course among secondary school leavers looking for admission into the college.

  • Law

Lawyers are well respected professionals in the country. And the journey to becoming a lawyer starts from enrolling at a law program at the University.

It takes 5 years to complete a law degree. Then there’s an extra year that the law graduate will spend at any of the centres of the Nigerian Law School in the country. Afterwards, s/he’s called to bar and can practise as a lawyer. Below are the steps involved in becoming a lawyer in Nigeria:

Step 1: Enroll for the undergraduate degree, the LLB in a Nigerian University. As stated earlier, it is a 5 year course where you will learn core course like Legal Methods, Nigerian Legal System, Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Company Law, Law of Torts, Commercial Law, Law of Equity and Trusts, Criminal Law, Land Law, Law of Evidence, and Jurisprudence.

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Step 2: Complete your LLB program and enroll at the Nigerian Law School Bar Part I and II programmes. The Bar courses include Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law & Practice, and Law in Practice (Ethics & Skills).

Once you’re called to bar, you’ll be included in the Roll of Legal Practitioners which is maintained by the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. At this stage, s/he can practise anywhere in the country.

  • Engineering

This is basically in light of the fact that being an engineer is viewed as a renowned calling with vast job opportunities. As an engineer, you can work with an oil and gas firms, telecoms organizations, IT firms or any of the respectable manufacturing companies in the country.

An engineering student spends five years in the college after which he can go ahead to take professional courses to boost his resume as a professional.


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