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List of Top Best Universities in Ghana

It’s usually not easy to decide on the university for oneself. Even if you live in Nigeria, you can always study overseas or choose a different African country to get the academic knowledge you require for your dream career. Before you make this key choice, you should consider a list of universities in Ghana.
List of Top Best Universities in Ghana

List of Top Best Universities in Ghana

Ghana is one of the leading countries in Africa. It might not be a big country but it has about 37 million population. This is why getting an education in one of the prominent universities in Ghana could be a wonderful choice. There are over 100 different institutions here. Most schools are open to both local and international students. Others are public and some are private. The number of public universities is less than the number of private colleges.

List of Top Best Universities in Ghana

There are more than 100 institutions in Ghana. It is possible to divide them into several groups such as public establishments, private organizations, and technical colleges.
List of Public funded Ghanaian universities
  • The University of Ghana
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • University for Development Studies
  • The University of Energy and Natural Resources
  • University of Cape Coast Well-known in the mining industry
  • University of Mines and Technology
  • University of Professional Studies (UPSA)
  • The Ghana Institute of Languages
  • University of Education Winneba
  • The Ghana Institute of Journalism
  • Ghana Armed Forces and Staff College
  • The University of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
  • National Film and Television Institute
  • Institute of Local Government Studies
  • Regional Maritime University
  • Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center
List of Private Universities in Ghana
  • Valley View University
  • Christian Trinity Theological Seminary
  • Central University College (this used to be the Central Bible College in the 1990s)
  • Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology Mission and Culture
  • Zenith University College
  • Data Link Institute
  • Islamic University College (Ghana)
  • All Nations University College
  • Methodist University College, Ghana
  • Ghana Technology University College
  • Catholic University College of Ghana
  • Liberal arts college called the Ashesi University
  • The Accra Institute of Technology
  • Presbyterian University College
  • Pentecost University College
  • Campus of Webster University located in Accra (the institution is officially based in the United States of America)
  • Campus of Lancaster University located in Accra (this is the official branch of the prestigious British university) African University College of Communications
  • Regent University College of Science and Technology.
  • Ghana universities Technical universities These institutions are mostly named after their location (both private and public).


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List of Polytechnics and Technical Universities in Ghana
  • Accra Polytechnic
  • Bolgatanga Polytechnic
  • Cape Coast Technical University
  • Ho Technical University
  • Kumasi Technical University
  • Koforidua Technical University
  • Sunyani Technical University
  • Tamale Technical University
  • Takoradi Technical University
  • Wa Polytechnic
  • University of Ghana for international student



University of Ghana: This place is respected and valued by many students and companies. Located near Legon, it is pretty close to the capital’s center (about 12 kilometers away). About 40 thousand students study here. Many foreigners choose this biggest and oldest university because it has some interesting courses and great programs. For example, this is one of the very few institutions in Africa where you can study nuclear science. Besides, here you can study law, medicine, agriculture, and modern technology as well as many other sciences.
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology: This institution is located in Kumasi. It started as a college in 1951. The place was popular and received its official ‘University’ status 10 years later. This university is recognized by foreign students. It offers a variety of programs and a friendly community.
University for Development Studies: It is located in Tamale. It is the perfect institution to get theoretical knowledge and real-world skills. The university has an interesting program all students can take full advantage of. About 30 percent of studies here are practical. Anyone who studies sciences, agriculture, medicine etc. has to interact with the local community and gain useful and relevant skills. This is a great way to become an expert even before you graduate.
University of Cape Coast: This is a prestigious institution which has always been focused on training real professionals and experts. It began by teaching future teachers. Now it has grown to training experts in the health-care field, agriculture, and country administration. The University of Cape Coast (simply known as UCC) plays a significant role in the development of Ghanaian educational sector. UMaT or University of Mines and Technology Known since the 1950s, began as an institute. It quickly earned its official ‘university’ status in the 2000s. UMaT has some unique courses such as mineral engineering. Besides, students can study mathematics, computer science, and general engineering.
University of Education Winneba: This institution is shortly called UEW where ‘W’ stands for Winneba, its location. This is a big institution with 7 faculties and 21 departments. It’s a center for educating future teachers. The country has big plans for the institution. It grooms wonderful educators who can change Ghana and help the country achieve its social and economic goals through education.
Institute of Professional Studies: Actually, this is the former name since the institute is now a university. It is located in Accra. Shortly known as UPSA, it offers an awesome opportunity to all students in 2017. You can choose a no-cost tuition in any course of your choice. This is a perfect way to get an additional diploma that students can find useful when they graduate.
The list of universities in Ghana is pretty long. There are many interesting offers for local and foreign students in terms of education. International students rarely choose small colleges. They prefer being educated at respected and popular universities. But it’s always up to you whether to choose the big public university or go to a smaller private institution. It is always great to look at the institution’s reputation to make a good selection. Consider all the facts, carefully read the educational program, talk to your friends, and the alumni before you apply. Remember that many institutions are approved by the Government of Ghana agency, but there are still some colleges that offer programs without accreditation. Make your choice wisely.

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