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Methods of Applying for Nigerian International Passport: Cost & Renewal

The Nigerian International Passport is a vital piece of document issued to Nigerian citizens intending to travel outside the country. If you a Nigerian, it’s of high importance that you understand that knows that you cannot step your foot outside the country without a valid international passport. You should also consider renewing it following the steps outlined in this article.

Nigerians have now been given the opportunity to carry out electronic passports that are completely exclusive of virtual/soft copies for new applicants. They’re physical and could also be felt with hands. They are termed as e-passport and are also classified as either Standard or Official e-passport, depending on intended use.The Nigerian International Passport can either be carried out online or offline.

Methods of Applying for Nigerian International Passport: Cost & Renewal

Methods of Applying for Nigerian International Passport: Cost & Renewal

Offline International Passport

This is the most used route. This is simply because of the ease of obtaining it through an agent.Though it’s seems expensive when compared to the online process, any bit of mistake could render the whole process invalid and still have to take your printed document to the immigration office and this is the simple reason why most people prefer going through the “Pay and Deliver” route.

Methods of Applying for Nigerian International Passport: Cost & Renewal

Online International Passport

To obtain your international passport online, there are few guidelines and steps you would need to follow, and there are few documents that would be required. The documents include:

  • Passport Application form (completed online and printed).
  • Payment Slip.
  • Local Government State of Origin.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Change of name affidavit (if you’ve changed your name before).
  • Photocopy of Applicant’s data page.
  • Two current passport-size photographs.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Processing fee of N15,000.

To pay online, follow these first procedures, after which every other thing is just click and submit.

  • Visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal.
  • Locate & click on the e-passpoert tab to in the appropriate application form to start the process:
  • Select your preferred passport type.
  • Select your Processing Country.
  • Fill in the form with your current and correct details.
  • Insert the scanned copies of your required documents
  • Select your payment method and proceed to online payment.

There is the 32pages International Passport, and there is the 64pages; although you almost can’t lay hands on the 64 pages passport without first presenting your filled up or expired 32pages passport. This is in a bid to make sure that they (immigration officers) remain in business, as the official cost for making a 64pages international passport is what is collected for the 32 pages when you visit the immigration office.

If you ever intend to renew your Nigerian International Passport, you would be required to present the following documents in person at the immigration office. If misplaced, you might be referred to the immigration head office in Abuja to get it done and it might take you like about a week or two.

Documents needed include:

  • Police Report (if misplaced).
  • Renewal Fee N20,000.
  • Two (2) passport-size photographs preferably with white background.
  • Applicant should provide Passport Number of lost Passport (if applicable).
  • Applicant will be required to appear in person for biometric and image acquisition.

It is advisable to apply for a new International Passport rather than go through the stressful process of renewal.

Official website of the Nigerian Immigration Service:

Support e-mail: Email:

Help desk line: +234 (1) 2714449, 4541452.

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