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How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019

This post will enlighten you on what it cost to get a UK visa in Nigeria 2018. The United Kingdom is one of the world leading countries when it comes to visiting some beautiful places round the globe.

How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019

How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019

Some weeks ago, we published a post on how to Apply for Dubai Visa fron Nigeria in 2018. The response we received from our readers was amazing. However, some requested for an article on How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019.

To this regard, we had to publish this post “How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019”? Keep reading to get full download of this article.

Types of UK Visa and How Much They Cost

Just like we mentioned earlier, this post is basically about the cost of Uk visa in Nigeria and it’s types.

Here is why we wrote this article:

You just do not go around the internet reading and applying for any Uk visa you see online. You should get to know what type of UK visa you are really applying for and how much it would cost you to get it. We have taken our time enough to make research on this very topic and we can assure you that the information you’re reading on this blog is reliable at the time of publishing this post. Without much ado, let’s quickly show you some of the UK visa fees for Nigerians. Note that the fees will be show in USD ($) and will be converted to Naira (₦).

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The most popular and common visa is the standard visitor visa and it comes in four types:

  • Short-term visa that lasts for up to six months will cost you $125 (s₦45,000);
  • Longer-term visa that lasts for up to two years will cost you $472 (~₦170,000);
  • Longer-term visa that lasts for up to five years will cost you $857 (~₦308,500);
  • Longer-term visa that lasts for up to ten years will cost you $1074 (~₦386,600).

Visitors in transit have to pay $87 (~₦31,300) for their visa.

There is also a short-term study visa. If you find interest in studying in the UK for up to six months, you will have to pay $130 (₦46,800) for your visa. However, If you want to study English, then your visa fee will be $251 (~₦90,400).

How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019

How much is UK Visa Fee in Nigeria 2018/2019

Here is what you will have to pay for Business visitor visa:

  • Visa for an academic visitor (up to a year) and dependant costs $251 (~₦90,400);
  • Visa for PLAB/OSCE test, dental observation and clinical attachments costs $130 (₦46,800);
  • Visas for diplomatic couriers, prospective entrepreneurs and permitted paid engagements cost $125 (₦45,000).
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Below are other subgroup of visas is for special visitors:

  • Civil partnership or marriage visa costs $125 (₦45,000);
  • Visa for parents whose children are at school (lasts for up to a year) is $694 (~₦250,000);
  • Visa fees for child visitors are exactly the same as the fees for standard visitors.

Course F visitors visa, which is a visa for members of foreign armed forces, costs $694 (~₦250,000).

Diplomatic passport holders and people who have received an official invitation from the UK government can get a UK visa for free.

The fees listed above are relevant for both the main applicant and their dependants.

As at the time of writing this post, exchange rate of 1 US dollar to 360 naira was used for conversion. The exchange rate could be different as at the time of you reading this post. Please kindly consider that.

These are, of course, not all fees you can get in order to go to the UK. You can find the rest of them, as well as various visa application guides here.

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