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Salary Structure/Monthly Earnings of Nigerian Senators

There have been a lot of controversies going on about Salary Structure/Monthly Earnings of Nigerian Senators, hence this article. This post will provide more clarity and will serve as a means of settling disputes in this regard.

Salary Structure/Monthly Earnings of Nigerian Senators

Salary Structure/Monthly Earnings of Nigerian Senators

Note that the figures listed below is the true report from the National Institute of Legislative Studies released for public consumption and shows how much a Nigerian law maker earns (the 109 Senators and 360 members of the Nigerian House of Representatives).

A Breakdown of Salary Structure/Monthly Earnings of Nigerian Senators

Basic Salary:

Nigerian Senator monthly basic salary – N16,886,666 Monthly

Nigerian House of Representatives monthly basic salary – N16,543,437 Monthly


Nigerian Senator – N1,075,196 monthly

House of Representatives member – N793,832 monthly.

The allowances are on: Vehicle fueling/maintenance, Constituency, Domestic Staff, Personal Assistant, Entertainment, Recess, Utilities, Newspaper/Periodicals, Houses Maintenance, Wardrobe, Estacode, and Duty Tour with another special amount in every four-year period on Accommodation, vehicle loan, furniture, and severance allowance, which make every Senator to pocket N2,007,500 and a House of Representatives member with N1,985,166 within the same period.

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When you compare this with how much other country’s law makers, you will see the difference

Philippines annual basic salary – $4, 497,957

United States of America senate – $3,409,422

US House of Representatives – $1,429,909 annually

Kenya – $968,013 annually

Australia – $646,230

United Kingdom – £494,285.43

India – $474,484

Singapore – $253,469,

Tanzania – $230,961.

The Nigerian government has been spending a total of N150 billion per year on the NASS but was forced to reduce it to N120 billion this year following cries that the lawmakers are milking the Federation Account aggressively.

Just wondering why a Nigerian Senator Salary and a Rep’s salary will be more than those of the Military and the police.

NOTE: Calculations made are based on monthly figures.

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