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How to start A’ Level Tutorial school in Nigeria

Are you an experienced teacher that is exceptionally brilliant in Mathematics, Physics, Economics or any other subject looking to grow your Tutorial school in Nigeria? We’ve got this step by step procedure on how to start A’ Level Tutorial school in Nigeria.

How to start A' Level Tutorial school in Nigeria

How to start A’ Level Tutorial school in Nigeria

Starting A’ Level tutorial school in Nigeria can be targeted to students of all ages and any subject matter. Starting A’ Level tutorial school in Nigeria may be right for you if you excel at helping others understand subjects easier. Sometimes students have a hard time with coursework because of a disability or communication gap with their instructor. To run A’ Level Tutorial school in Nigeria, you will need to research subjects, prepare training materials and write lesson plans.


Benefit of starting A’Level Tutorial School in Nigeria

A’ Level Tutorial school in Nigeria provides an avenue for experienced teachers to manage and grow their A’ Level Tutorial school. Did you know that there are over 500,000 parents in Nigeria who are willing to pay premium (probably equal to or more than your regular school salary) to teach their kids or even them according to professional standard?

Teachers constantly face the battle of finding new students to teach. Tutorial School in Nigeria help you get more students without having to invest tons of time and money on marketing. With a FREE profile on instructional exercise, the biggest online commercial center for coordinating students and tutors, your abilities will be obvious to a great many students who look through our webpage each day for teachers like you.

How to start A’ Level Tutorial school in Nigeria


Pick a niche for your tutorial school. On the off chance that you are more experienced working with basic subjects, cook your business to that age level of students. You can also specialize in one subject, such as tutoring math for high school students. Pick out a few areas you are good in and familiarize yourself with every aspect of these subjects.


Obtain necessary certifications. It might assist you with taking school courses identified with the territories you wish to coach or get your educating testament. If you plan on helping students study for exams, such as the LSAT, GRE or GMAT, a certification will help you find more clients.


Legalize your school. Visit the Internal Revenue Service website for your Employer Identification Number. If you plan on using a business name other than you own name register it with the secretary of state. Visit your city government to acquire a business permit to maintain your business in your city.


Prepare your business documents. Create tutorial and training videos. Design print course material and assignments. Make sound and decipher address notes or sessions for students who learn better by tuning in.


Find a location for your business. Some owners prefer a physical location that students can go to, while others travel to another location, such as the student’s home or school. Set up a site and offer preparing recordings and print materials on the web. Enable the students to interface with the exercises.


Promote your business. Network with your local schools and universities. Place a promotion in the telephone catalog, radio and TV slots. Ask customers you have composed a tribute for your business. Interact with potential students via social media. Find where your clients visit on the web and visit those areas to develop your business.



List of A’ Level Tutorial schools in Nigeria

British Council Schools Network

As the name implies, this isn’t a school but a group of schools affiliated with the British Council. These schools offer a UK curriculum at the O level, IGCSE and A level.

Interestingly, these schools aren’t only in Lagos or Nigeria as there are several of such in parts of West Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

The British Council has been in the country since 1943 and they have been very pivotal in the educational sector by reaching out to educators and partnering with them to prepare students for advanced level education.

Oxbridge Tutorial College

Established in 1993, Oxford Tutorial College is the first specialist sixth form college in the country.

The centre prepares students for the Cambridge International Exams which is conducted by the British Council.

Oxbridge’s students are known to achieve one of the best results in the country and these students seamlessly find placement in U.K Universities after completing their programme.

Oxbridge is located in Ikeja GRA and the college has state of the art facilities like science laboratories, computer facilities, multimedia facilities, ever-expanding libraries as well as boarding facilities for both male and female.

D-Ivy College

The vision of D-Ivy College is to provide well-rounded quality education which is at par with what can be obtained at any part of the world.

D-Ivy College has produced excellent students over the years and these students have been able to gain admission into top schools in Nigeria, U.K and U.S.A.

Apart from the A-level program, D-Ivy College also operates a secondary school that prepares it students for the WAEC and NECO examinations.

Also, D-Ivy College has been known to prepare students for internationally recognized examinations like IGCSE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE. Students from D-Ivy have gone on to produce excellent results in these exams.

Loral International Schools

Loral International Schools was founded by Mrs Loretta Nwosu when she returned from the United Kingdom after her education.

The school was established in 1976 and initially started as a Nursery and Primary School.

The A/level College which is located in Igbesa has become a much sought after college for students that are interested in enrolling for A/Level examinations.

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