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Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Africa is a wonderful mainland with amazing characteristics, excellence and lively culture. The mountains, fields, valleys and deserts are a portion of the one of a kind characteristic highlights that describe the landmass. Of these physical features, the mountains are the most outstanding major attractions both for locals and foreigners. East Africa’s Great Rift Valley is home to some of the tallest mountains in Africa. The mountains of Africa are rich in endemic flora and fauna.The mountains are additionally a climbing heaven, giving visitors a considerable measure of test and fun.

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Major Mountains in Africa


Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain, ascending around 19,341 feet over the ocean level. It is situated in Tanzania, where it frames some portion of Kilimanjaro National Park. Mount Kilimanjaro has three fundamental volcanic cones, specifically Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. The highest summit in Africa is Kibo’s Uhuru Peak, at 19,341 feet over the ocean level. At 16,893 feet above ocean level, Mawenzi isn’t just the second most astounding summit of the Kilimanjaro range, yet in addition the third most noteworthy mountain top in Africa. Both Kibo and Mawenzi began erupting around one million years ago and are isolated at 14,400 feet rise by the Seat Level.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is one of Africa’s most astounding mountain and it has a portion of the most astounding peak in the continent. Mount Kenya’s Batian peak is the second most elevated peak in Africa, after Kilimanjaro’s Kibo peak, at 17,057 feet over the ocean level. Lenana Peak, the second most noteworthy peak on Mount Kenya, is 16,355 feet tall, making it the fourth most astounding peak in Africa. The two peaks are situated close to the center of the mountain and have a high appearance because of the rugged nature. Batian peak is now and again thought to be two peaks in one, as it is inside 270 yards of the neighboring Nelion Pinnacle.


Ruwenzori, formally spelled as Rwenzori, is a mountain range in the eastern piece of tropical Africa, at the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ruwenzori has a few peaks that help icy masses and are significant wellsprings of the River Nile. Mount Stanley or Ngaliema is the most elevated peak of Ruwenzori. Mount Stanley has a few backup summits, including Margherita peak, the fourth most astounding peak in Africa at 16,762 feet above ocean level, and Savoia peak, the 6th most elevated peak in Africa at 16,329 feet. Mount Speke is the second most elevated massif on Ruwenzori, with the most highest peak, Vittorio Emanuele, as the seventh most astounding summit in Africa at 16,043 feet. Other eminent peak on the Ruwenzori Range incorporate the Kayanja, Umberto, and Iolanda.

Facts on African Mountains

Though the greater part of the African mountains are no place close to a portion of the tallest mountains in Africa, 75 mountains measure no less than 1640 feet above ocean level. A large portion of the mountains that are secured with ice sheets, including Mount Kenya’s peaks, have fundamentally decreased in tallness because of environmental change and glaciations. A portion of the locales are likewise ineffectively depicted, for example, the Ethiopian good countries, making a portion of the estimations given for the mountains fragmented and not totally precise.


Here are the Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

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