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Top 10 World Richest YouTubers in 2018

As we all know that the Era of Internet (especially YouTube) or we can say Digital Marketing has been establishing day after day. Every single guy wants to make (as some are making) their career through the internet. Now you’ll see the Top 10 World Richest YouTubers 2018. Most of the people choose Blogging for their Career but some choose YouTube. It is one of the most entertaining and educative media on the social network. Numerous videos get uploaded every passing hour. Researchers are saying that YouTube is the second largest Search Engine in the world. People becoming Millionaires and Billionaires just through the YouTube. Have you ever thought who are the Top 10 Richest YouTubers? well stats getting changed every single hour, So the data we are providing to you are of the current month.

Top 10 World Richest YouTubers in 2018


Shay Carl is YouTuber OG and one of the first vloggers on the YouTube. He started YouTube around 10 years ago and still uploads his videos almost every single day of him and his family. Moreover, he has two big channels with a combined total of 2.7 Billion views which earned him around $2.7 million. The majority of Shay’s wealth comes from MAKER STUDIOS a YouTube MCN network. Maker Studios was founded by Shay Carl and other 8 people including fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco. They sold to the Disney for a whopping $500 Million. His estimated net worth of $50,000,000.


 2. Meet The Vloggers  

It is a family vlogging channel run by Laila Swann and her brother Kel. Their YouTube channel is pretty small as compared to the other on the list, they have only 24 Million views The source of their wealth mostly come from their parents. In one of their video, they try to buy a Mercedes by the cash. They own many expensive cars like Lamborghini, A Mercedes AMG GT, an Aston Martin, Bently GTC, Audi R8, Ferrari 458 Spyder.One time they even tipped a waiter 17000 Euros. Their estimated net worth is $20,000,000+.

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He took fame with his viral prank videos but now he focuses on daily vlogging. His vlogs showcase him and his family doing interesting things every day like playing with a fire and skydiving. He is the one of the most popular YouTuber of this year with each of his dailyvlogs getting at least 2 Million views. Roman’s Two channel have a combined total of 3.75 Billion views earning is around $3.7 Million. He also advertises many products in his videos which make him a ton of money. Roman also runs his own clothing Brand  SMILE MORE from where he makes a ton of money too. He has estimated net worth of $8,000,000.

 4. Family Fun Pack  

It is a vlogging channel made primarily for children. This channel shows the life of two parents and their five children doing fun things like dress up in an iron man suit and goes to the fair. This massive channel although everybody doesn’t know about it. this channel has over $6.9 Billion views which earned them around $6.9 Million from it. They have multiple videos with hundred of millions of view which are crazy for a vlog channel. Their estimated net worth of $7,000,000.

 5. BF vs GF

BF  vs GF is run by Jese Wellens and Jeana Smith who used to be boyfriend-girlfriend. They use to upload vlogs every day but since the break up they only upload around Vlog a week. Jesse and Jeana have two YouTube channels. BF vs GF and Prank vs Prank with a combined total 4.47 Billion views with earned around $4.4 Million from it. They earn money from other things like merchandises. Their net worth of $5.000.000.

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Casey Neistat is thought to be the best vlogger on He puts a lot of effort into the filming and editing his vlogs and does many interesting things like travel around the world and tells his life stories. His YouTube channel has 1.07 Billion views which earned him around $1 million. He sold his TV series to HBO for $2 Million which earned him a lot of money. Companies give offers him so many free stuff as he has the many followers like Samsung phones, boosted board electric skateboards. Casey has estimated net worth of$4,000,000.

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It is the wealthiest vloggers from the Dubai who uploads every day. The vlogs show doing awesome things like hanging out with famous rapper Silento and billionaire entrepreneurshipSaying Yalcin. MO’s channels have 322 MILLION views so that earned him $322k. However, he comes from a wealthy family.  His sister owns a Lamborghini Hurricane and MO owns a  Mustang GT California special who he bought for in cash. It hard to say his net worth but estimated is $3,000,000+.


He is a popular YouTuber who become famous for his pranks but now focuses on dailyvlogging. Moreover, he is a lot more open with his viewers than most vloggers are which is the  likable thing. Fousey has two big channels with a combined total of 1.88 billion views which earned him around $1.8 Million from it.  Fousey also earns money from other things like going on tours, starring in movies and selling merchandise. He has bought many things with his YouTube fortune. the net worth of $3,000,000.

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Adam Saleh is a vlogger from NYC that does many interesting things in his vlogs like traveling to Dubai And hanging off a cliff. He has two youtube channels with a combined total of 503 Million views so that earned him around $500k from it. He also earns money from other things too like going on tour. Adam Saleh has estimated net worth $1,000,000.


He is 16 years old up and coming  YouTube vlogger. His vlogs show him doing many entertaining things like cliff diving and trampoline tricks. Tanner’s YouTube channel has 230Million views which earned him around $230k. Tanner also makes money with affiliate links from companies like Uber and Vault Scooter. He was able to purchase a white Nissan GT-R. Tanner Fox has estimated net worth of $250,000.

Above you saw Top 10 world Richest YouTubers in 2018, I hope you liked it and get inspired to start your own YouTube Channel. You Can give your views in a comment box, we love to know that

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