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LightupInfo is an information blog, focused on discovering, composing and organizing content from Nigeria and abroad. Therefore we mainly feature category of articles that are highly informative and educative.

Therefore, we accept categories of articles on any topic that is educative and informative.

Content Criteria

For content to pass editorial review, it must meet the following criteria:

Length: Ideally 700 words+ (Flexible Criteria)

Purpose: The article must have a clear purpose; headline must clearly reflect what the article is about and the reader should know the purpose of the article under 5 seconds of reading.

Target Reader:  Who does the information in this article benefit and what is the key takeaway from the article?

Methodology: The author must establish a clear ranking metric to make the information credible. For example, if you’re writing on top 10 musicians, album sales, social media following, average YouTube views, awards could be used as a metric.

Language: The language of the article must be British English. Readability level is set at eight years old; easy to read by atleast an 8-year-old child. Hemmingway App can be a useful tool for simplifying your article.

Fluff: A good article is like a car engine, every word must serve a purpose. If you are confused on how to identify fluff in your article; anything that does not make the article unreadable when removed is fluff.

Originality: Article must be free of plagiarized content.

Your Pitch

The pitch should contain the structure of the article.

Before writing an article, you should send a short pitch to the editor


A LEVEL Writer: N5/word.

B LEVEL Writer: N3/word.

C LEVEL Writer: N2/word.


Editors will award levels depending on the quality of the content or writer.

Once the article is approved, payment is deposited into your bank account on a stipulated day (Usually within 2-3 days, except stated otherwise).



  • Read the content policy
  • Submit your pitch
  • The editor will reply you: Accepted, Accepted With Alteration or Rejected
  • Submit content
  • The editor will review your content: Accepted, Accepted With Alteration or Rejected
  • The article becomes the sole property of LightupInfo and its other subordinate companies.
  • Content will go live
  • You will receive a content payable slip
  • You will be paid on a stipulated day

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